Photo by Anastasia Comelli

Porter Street Commission at ACE Open 2022

Media Release:

The Porter Street Commission will see Chhorn reengage her practice with the gallery space as she develops a site-specific filmic installation. The work will investigate the generational impacts of Cambodian diaspora, focusing on how cultural practices and kinship rituals by migrants living in Australia continue as a way of preserving heritage. For example, rituals such as cooking, gardening, collecting/hoarding and physical labour have been both beneficial and detrimental for older Cambodian generations such as Chhorn’s parents, especially those who endured the Khmer Rouge. These rituals are also acts of service that may not be seen as a love language to anyone else, even to their own children – they are hidden rituals.

Chhorn says, ‘I’m incredibly honoured and grateful to be the recipient of the Porter Street Commission. I had an ambitious idea that’s been developing through practice-led research and years of living with the material, which can now be realised with this generous commission. I’m also excited to work with family and friends who may not have shown in a gallery before, but whose skills and experiences will be invaluable to the project.’